Jackpot Litters

Past Litters (From youngest to oldest)

Jackpot x Frankie (CH Catalina's Cinderella) - Bred by Catalina. Co-bred by Oracle

Litter of 5 born  on July 30th, 2012. 


Jackpot x Lesodie (CH Catalina's Keep the Faith) - Bred by Catalina

Litter of 8 born June 14th, 2012. Watch for Catalinas All That & A Bag Of Chips "Salsa", Catalina Bearfoot Blue jean Night "Jake", Catalina's Risky Business at Nytrus "Seger", Catalina's Leche de Aguamiel "Leche" and "Phantom" in the show and performance rings soon.


Jackpot x Diva (CH McMatt's Dazzling Reflection) - Bred here at Oracle

Litter of 6 born Nov. 18th, 2011. Watch for more information as they grow on our site.


Jackpot x Connie (CH Graffiti's Constant Joy) - Bred by Graffiti

Litter born Jan. 16th, 2011. See Vicki's pick "Eden" on Jackpot's Offspring page.


Jackpot x Mebotsie (CH Catalina's Aunam Be in Pictures) - Bred by Catalina

Litter of 12 born Dec. 3rd, 2010. Watch for "Audrey" Catalina's How To Steal A Million, ASCA Mjr Ptd. (RTF), "Clue" Catalina's Follow the Money (RTM) , "Millie" CH Catalina's Little Miss Millions (BTF) and "Claire" (RMF).

Claire and Clue are already ASCA BOSp Winners!


Jackpot x Scotch (Vinelake's Barfly) - Bred by Paradox

Litter of 3 born Nov. 4th, 2010. 1 Black Tri Bitch, 2 Black Tri Dogs. 
See Alison's pick, "Pike" now residing here at Oracle!


Jackpot x Fergie (CH Malpaso's Get Rich or Die Trying)  - Bred here at Oracle

Litter of 8 born July 27th, 2010. 6 girls and 2 boys. Follow the picks from this litter by clicking on their names: Rigby, Heiress, & Forbes.


Jackpot x Henna (CH Sonrise Little Red Hen) - Bred at Ninebark

Litter of 6 born Jan. 26th, 2010. 4 girls and 2 boys. Follow Addy at Ninebark and Hustle here at Oracle.

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