Oracle's Billions of Riches, RN, HIC, CRN, CGN "Kai"
Owned, loved, trained and trialed by Suzanne Lynch
(Jackpot x Fergie 2010)

"Kai is a sweet and gentle soul with a constant, happy wiggle who keeps his mom entertained with his joyful and fun approach to life.

Smart as a whip and eager to please, Kai is currently training to work towards his Rally-Obedience titles. Fearless on stock, Kai has a strong herding instinct and would do well with sheep or cattle. 

When not training in Rally-O, Kai is the perfect foot warmer and snuggler extraordinaire and also keeps watch over the household with fellow Aussie housemate, Lex." ~ Suzanne Lynch, Kai's person.

© Ayella Grossman 2016