Oracle's High Rollin Baby, HIC, "Lexi"
Loved by Mike and Becky and Golden housemate Lily.

(Jackpot x Fergie 2010)

"It is hard to describe Lexi's big personality in one short bio.  A perpetually happy girl, she has earned the nickname of "Little Miss Happy" because everything makes her smile and wiggle her bum in pure joy!  Our Lexi is a busy, goofy, energetic girl who loves to walk with her people, play with her Golden sister Lily, hike at the cottage, and herd everything in sight...from cats to birds to sheep!  She has a song for everything and kisses for everyone.  She is also the cuddliest puppy you've ever met.  Whether she's snuggling her Mommy and Daddy on the couch or curling up with Lily, nothing makes her happier than being close to the ones she loves.  Lexi is an extremely smart girl.  Once she has learned something, she never seems to forget it!  She also has an extremely caring side as we learned when Golden Lily had double knee surgery.  Lexi learned how to keep Lily entertained while not making her move her legs.  It was really amazing to watch a busy puppy calm right down and be gentle to take care of her sister.  We love our goofy, happy girl!" ~ Becky and Mike Wertman, Lexi's mom and dad. 

© Ayella Grossman 2016